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Priyanka Agarwal, Surat

I really appreciate to Mr. Kaushik Mahatmaji. It was very good experience and im very great full that I have attend your counseling, meditation and healing for me.after done this course my life would be more easier. Now can see my solutions very clearly and now there are no more complication in my mind.
Thank you sir for giving me spiritual treat which I need.

In my before life I couldn’t had any nearby person who knows me but after doing meditation I came to know that nearby person is in my self. Sometime before, I couldn’t know how to smile.but in the present time I overcome my inferior complex. And I developed my self in sketch art, painting,  reading, face beauty and confidence. Now I can communicate freely with every person easily. I am able to Understand my chakras and can feel my healing vibrations. thank you so much for giving me helping hand in my life. And more and more i m on the way in learning about my spiritual life..

my before pic of 2010..i was very dull in my life ,,, my life was very inactive ,,
there was my innar death ,,couldn’t even smile freely ..
this is a true all is true
Biography of krishna and buddha really helps me .to overcome to my negtive situation ,,,meditation really very much helpful
n thank u kaushik ji ,,for botam my hearth

yashika agarwal - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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yashika agarwal

Hi friends, Myself yashika. Would like to share my personal experiance with you. I am a maried lady with two children. I was having some family problems because of that I was seperated from by husband and started living with my parents and laids. I was totally negative and full of garbage in my mindand very depressed. I ever didn’t want to talk to my children and always wanted to sit alone and didn’t want to talk to any other reason. No charm and no happiness in my life.

But today there are lot of changes in my life, in my nature and especially the charge of my thoughts.”BUT HOW” only because of “Mr.kaushik Mahatma.” I came in contact with him through somebody else. He is a very experianced Healer, Counclere and do meditation. I joined his package for 3 months. He regularly did hearing, councling and told me to do meditation. He taught me various types of meditations. He helped me a lot to get out of my problems. I did everything as he guided me. He teaches us and shows the right and easy path to get rid of our problems. When I started doing regularly all the things told by him, my life started getting change. I learnt to forgive, learnt to release, and many more. Now I am totally positive and take everything in the positive way and learnt the way of letting go. He told that nothing is impossible in this world, We can get and do everything in our life. For eg- Delay in marriage, reconciling with the barther, Money blockage and many other problems. He has the solution and the way to solve all the problems. Friends today I am happy and the problems which I was having, the process of so living that has been started. This was my personal experiance.

One more experience of my “Dada ji,” that also I would like to share with u friends my grandpa aged ’92’ , a man full of negative thoughts. He was very disturbed person and didn’t love any family member and always wanted to run away from the home and wanted to die. We all the family members were very disturbed and having no solution that want to do and everybody living the life with full of fear. one or that day after the compelition of meditation my grandpa started warlling and left the house and gone to his daughter’s home. Then kaushik ji started doing healing of my grand pa for few days and he did everything what he could. After one month my grand pa came back to his house after realizing that whatever he was doing that was wrong. This was a big miracle for all of us because we could never thought for grand pa to get change because he was full of ego. But Today he is living very happy and charming life with all the family members.

tanvi zaveri - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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tanvi zaveri

My name is Tanvi Saraiya. I am a teacher by profession. I used to be sad because I was not getting proper proposal for marriage. I showed to jyotish and he said it will be happen in 2015. I was looking for it but didn’t find proper match. I was getting depressed. Kaushik ji was my friend and he suggested me to attend one of the group meditation. I went and I enjoyed, from that I realised how important is meditation. It teaches us so many things.
1. It helps us to be with onself
2. It gives us positive energy
3. It gives clear picture of our life.
4. It helps in creating goal of your life.
I kept a goal of my marriage and it happened. I even had group meditation at my home and received positive vibrations for my goal of marriage. After this within a month my marriage got fixed and I found my soul mate. I got married in December 2015. I even had healing sessions with kaushik ji. Thank you so much

trisha suri  ... gudgram - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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trisha suri ... gudgram

I am really thankful n grateful to mr Kaushik fr changing my life… He has taught me the meaning of living a life in relationship . I hd issues with my husband which hs been sorted out 85% by grace of God through Kaushik Ji…i was really not knowing the meaning of loving self..I used to question him how this can happen .I mean how can I love myself n how it wud bring change in other person. Now I hv understood n with daily meditation hv got peace of mind.. I would remain indebted to Mr Kaushik n to supreme power above all fr bringing change in my life..n I am positive that remaining 15%wud also be achieved ….no material thing is greater than true love ….how to give love unconditionally …thanks a lot Kaushik sir ji…I wud make an effort to meet u in near future by god’s will….😊😊😊

Kamna khatri - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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Kamna khatri

Kaushik Mahatma ji has helped me in many ways.
The biggest help it has given me is to gain confidence and to be calm in situations which are out of control.
“How to gain happiness in your life” is what major learning I have gained and the result is my HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.
I have undergone many meditation camps held by him at various places which has every time brought a new prospective to see life and change in my self. I still practice and will keep practicing his teachings. At last all I can say to him is “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you” from core of my heart..
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Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie, indoor and closeup

riddhi shah - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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riddhi shah


hello… myself riddhi shah.. i ws engaged the previous year bt sudenly my mom got so mch depressed that she said no & we all fmly members wr lik what 2 do.. & thn i contacted kaushik sir who guided me wht to do, how to do.. by meditation & healing my mom got much positivity,she got strength 2 think more, she started taking things in good ways.. & my meditation we get 2 know tht whta ws the reason behind it.. i m much thankful to sir tht he guided me on my way & even i have seen much chnags in me due to meditation.. my thinking power has increased, i have known my strengths & weaknesse, i have started recognizing & feeling tht what life is about to live.. & due to that now i m happly married with the person i loved & liked.. so a big thanks to sir aa due to him it ws posible..
Thanking you,
yours dearly,
Riddhi Shah

ashish agarwal - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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ashish agarwal

kriibu meditation center ko lakh lakh badhaiya


jab pahle din mai kaushik ji se mila apni samasya ko leker to pahle hee din muje kah diya ki meri samyasya koi samyasya nahi kah sakte , ye sirf vaicharik uthal pathal hain,or kuch nahi ,
ye bat unhone kese bhi karke kitne bhi praytne se 28 din mai sujbuj mai pakki karva di,ki muje actchul mai koi samashya nahi hain,main jo soch raha hu vahi ek samasya hain,
mai dhyanvaad dena chahta hu or mai ye bhi kahna chahunga kaushik ji ne muje ek dost ki tarah pakda hain, or muje ye bhi kanha hain ki life mai kabhi ki disha or help ki jarurat hogi to mere sath rahnge ,
dil se aabhar kaushik ji

jurgita rita - Testimonials - Krishna and Buddha Philosophy - Kaushik Mahatma - Kriibu - Let us help each other in Finding Peace
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jurgita rita

Hallo, my Dear teacher,

” ~A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” ~

With a glad heart, I say Thank You Kaushik Bhagwati Mahatma for all the individualized loving care and attention you have given me since the winter of 2018. You are an excellent teacher and role model of unconditional love. I am also grateful for your meditation teaching and for your willingness to serve for people. Thank you for being here, and for being you. You are a real blessing in my life, and for other people.

I am feeling so much better, as each day passes I feel more full and calm and peaceful, able to make decisions more easily and be less overwhelmed. My energy is way better already and even when I rest it is not due to the same total exhaustion on all levels. My mind is so much more clear, my heart so much more calm and my belly chakra area both more filled out and less tense that it has felt before. My intuition is so much more open and clear.

You have helped me find the courage to see my own power, my own beauty, and my own strength. I have discovered my own authentic power, love, and joy…

Sincerely, Jurgita (Iceland),2018 May

You are so sweet, thank you!

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